PAC Help Hotline

The NABPAC PACHelp Hotline:
An Essential Tool for Effective Political Action

The PACHelp Hotline is a FREE service to all NABPAC members in good standing.

Think of the PACHelp team as your “ace in the hole” when facing difficult challenges with your PAC, or when you simply want an outside perspective on a new initiative.  While not intended to draft original materials for a member, we stand ready to help with brainstorming, editing, and discussing ideas for launching or reinvigorating your program.  Additionally, we stand ready to review and offer recommendations for improving your solicitations, communications materials, and governance documents and can provide strategies for working around internal.  They also can help provide strategies for working around internal roadblocks and brainstorm new ideas for enhancing your PAC – whether it is a new launch or a long-standing PAC in need of reinvigoration.

In addition to contacting the hotline, be sure to visit the PAC Clearinghouse for a variety of helpful articles and sample PAC materials.

Consider using the PACHelp Hotline for assistance in any of the following areas:

  • Strategic plans
  • Budget forecasting
  • Best practices
  • Communications
  • Program development, structure, policies, procedures and enhancements
  • Promotional events, donor clubs, raffles, sweepstakes, charitable matching programs and merchandise sales
  • Fundraising ideas
  • Motivational techniques to increase involvement

To fully leverage NABPAC’s PACHelp Hotline services, call (202) 341-3780 or e-mail NABPAC at